• 5 meals are available for pick up at the Shack starting Friday.  Pickups may also be done on Sunday or Monday.  Deliveries are generally done on Sunday mornings.
  • Meals may be purchased by the week or by the month. See what’s on the menu for the week by joining our weekly newsletter
  • Place your order online by Wednesday 9pm for Friday pick up or Sunday delivery.
  • Salads, Soups, Desserts, Breakfasts, Kids love’em meals, dressings and sides can all be added for an additional cost or purchased on their own.
  • Indicate if you would like it delivered ($20 charge) or picked up at the ‘Shack’
  • Indicate in the ‘check box” if you have any of the following health concerns:
    – Low Thyroid
    – Diabetes
    – High Blood Pressure
    – Arthritis or Inflammation
    – Gluten Free
    – Wheat Free
    – Allergies- please list
  • NOTE: Meals not eaten after 3 days should be frozen in the container provided.  (It’s recommended that you reheat your meals in a toaster or conventional oven in an oven-proof container. Microwaving meals are not recommended)

Pay for your order and get ready to experience maximum health your taste buds will love all week long!