Juicing & Detox Program FAQs

? How often should I do the vegetable juice detox?

We suggest that everyone does a detox for a minimum of 2 days once a season.

? What if I'm doing the fast and it's too difficult to fast with only juice, what do I do?

The best thing to break the fast with is a fruit. Any fruit except a banana. From there you can continue the fast, just alternate between vegetable juice meals and fruit meals, drinking water in between. Or if you feel strong enough, you can continue on the juice fast.

? How long does the juice last?

It is recommended that the juices are consumed with in 3 days.

? Why do you suggest we drink the juice only on an empty stomach?

If there is food in the stomach and the vegetable juice is consumed, digestion is interrupted and optimum digestion does not occur.  When consumed on an empty stomach, optimum digestion is achieved and the full potency of the nutrients are absorbed.

? Outside of the detox, can I consume vegetable juice on a daily basis, and if so, when?

Vegetable juice is very healing and a fantastic way to infused your system with nutrients.  Should you feel the need to add vegetable juices to you daily routine it`s best to consume 8-16oz 15 minutes after you lemon water in the morning and 15-30 minutes before breakfast.  You can also consume vegetable juice 15 minutes before lunch and your light dinner.  It also makes a great light dinner option all on it`s own.

? I have NUTRI-BULLET, can I use that to do my Vegetable Juice Detox?

Nutri-bullets are good for every day use to make smoothies in, but for a detox, you will want to extract all the fiber so that you get a full infusion of nutrients into your system with out the fiber slowing it down.

? Why don’t you juice fruits?

Fruits contain a great amount of sugar, although it`s natural sugar, with-out the fiber to regulate the intake, it can create a huge spike in the blood sugar. Fruits should be eaten, and not juice so that the sugar is absorbed slowly into the blood stream.

? Why Vegetable juicing, why not just blend them?

Vegetables contain an incredible amount of micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) that the body needs in order to function and heal. When we cold press vegetables, we are able to extract almost 100% of the nutrients that are contained in the fibers and turn it into a potent healing remedy. It would take all day to eat 1 lb of nutrient dense green leafy vegetables, however, you could drink it all in only a few glasses J We do offer green vegetable smoothies which are good for every day consumption. Vegetable juice is best used for healing for a specific period of time.

? Why do you not mix fruits and vegetables together?

Since fruits contain a high level of sugar and vegetables do not, they digest very differently. So as far as possible fruits and vegetables should not be eaten, blended or juiced together. Fruits are best consumed on an empty stomach.

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