Meal Program FAQs

? What if there’s a meal I don’t like, can I change the menu for the week / month?

There is an additional charge to change any one of the meals for the custom week, please email us directly with the meal you would like to swap at  and we will advise of the additional cost.

? What if there are ingredients or spices I don’t want in my meals?

Do advise us in the “allergy” section, we will do our best to accommodate.

? Can I change the delivery date?

Delivery is every Sunday evening, if for any reason you will not be home, please advise us a week in advance and we will do our best to accommodate.

? How should I heat up my meals?

Meals are served in freezer safe and microwave safe containers.  However, microwaving is not recommended as far as possible in order to preserve the nutrients in the meals.  We suggest that meal be put in an oven proof container and heated in a toaster or conventional oven for 20 minutes at 350 or if frozen for 1 hour.

? You have delivered 5 meals for me, will they keep all week?

We suggest that you choose 2 of them to freeze and then re-heated. Meals are best kept fresh for a maximum of 3 days.

? WHY are these meals recommended for lunch not supper?

The NEWSTART program recommends your last big meal is at lunch time so that in the evening, when your body is preparing to rest, you have your lightest meal.  This could be a vegetable juice, smoothie, small salad, soup or even a fruit with some wheat-free crackers.  That way at night when you are sleeping your body will be resting and repairing, instead of digesting a big meal. 

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