Nut Patties

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Nuts are so wonderful.  Their ‘good fats’ make them so satisfying and pleasing to the appetite and their nutrition content is pleasing to your health. Ground nuts come together with sauteed veggies, wheat-free bread crumbs, herbs and spices to make a satisfying and rich tasting patty that you are sure to enjoy.

Vegetable Roast with Quinoa Stuffed Collard Greens


A medley of vegetables brought together with beans into a ‘meatless- meat loaf’ is the perfect compliment for these stuffed Collard Greens. Steamed collard greens are wrapped around seasoned quinoa and rice, and cooked in a garlic, lemon and mint sauce. This meal is sure to keep your taste buds dancing and your appetite satisfied. Served […]

Vegan Mac-n-Cheese

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Love Mac’n Cheese, but not what’s usually in it?  Wait till you try this one.  Not only will you and your kids love this ‘dairy’ free version, but your body will thank you too! Cashew Cheese Sauce is poured over brown rice pasta and baked with a layer of gluten free bread crumbs until golden […]

Tofu Roast


I promise…… no tofu taste!!! BUT… it doesn’t take like Roast Beef either.. in my opinion.. it tastes better!!   Baked just like a meat loaf, this dish is sure to satisfy your hearty appetite. The tofu is mixed together with spelt, ground nuts and sauteed vegetables. It’s seasoned well, baked and sliced just for […]

Gluten Free Vegan Lasagna

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  Who says you can’t enjoy lasagna on a Vegan diet?  You will be pleasantly surprised as how delicous this version is with out any meat, cheese or even veggie meat subs. Home-made Italian tomato sauce scattered with greens and red lentils is layered between brown rice lasagna noodles and topped with cashew cheese.   […]

Red Bean Soup with Gluten-Free Dumplings

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  Can you believe it?  You don’t have to give up your soup dumplings to eat healthy! This is a stew that satisfies your soul.  Red Kidney beans are simmered with greens, veggies, squash, ground provisions and rice dumplings.  Not only does this dish leave your belly feeling satisfied. but your soul totally nourished!

Stuffed Brown Rice Pasta


This ‘mock’ ricotta stuffing has most people fooled that it’s completely cheese-less. Brown rice past is rolled up and stuffed with a ricotta sauce made from a medley of nuts, spinach, onions and covered in a freshly made Italian tomato sauce……… it’s just sooooooo good. Served with ground provisions

Red Kidney Bean Chili

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Bet you don’t miss this meat in this chili! Hearty red kidney beans are simmered in a home-made chili sauce and served with hearty brown rice, a side of home-made salsa and sprinkled with fresh cilantro. This is best served on a bed of fresh Romaine Lettuce and topped with salsa and home-made guacamole: 1 […]

Fava Bean or Chick Pea Spinach Stew


This simple dish has turned into an all time favorite for most of our clients.   It seems to tantalize the taste of all different age groups and cultures.  For a different twist, Fava beans are some times added. Chick peas, spinach and tomatoes are simmered for hours with garlic & cumin to make this […]