Plant Powered Healing Smoothies

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DOC’S FAV. IRON BLAST (Iron Boost & strengthens blood)
Beet juice, raisin, spinach, iron leached water, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, nut milk

20/20 (Nerve repair, supports vision)
Carrot juice, nut milk, spinach, flax, honey, avocado

CALCI-YUM (Bone, muscle and joint support)
Dried figs, spinach, tahini, nut milk, avocado, vitamin D, maple syrup

GREENS BOOSTED (Cell and nervous system support)
Nut milk, spinach, coconut water, protein powder, maple syrup, avocado, sunflower seeds

ISLAND GREENS (Damage cell repair, balances electrolytes)
Coconut water, carrot juice, greens, coconut, avocado, maple syrup

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