2024 Energy Shack’s

Lifestyle Retreats

At The Windermere House, Ontario

Educational and Relaxing Retreat

Designed to help unwind and disconnect from the stresses of the world while learning the practical applications on how to make having a healthy living a “way of life”  Our relaxation and educational retreats provide a calming, environment designed to equip our guests with the tools they need to achieve optimal health for years to come. 

All programs include:
Educational seminars with practical applications. Participation in retreat amenities (sauce, hot tub, hot and cold plunges, exercise room & more) Also included will be cooking demonstrations with take-away recipes.  Natural remedy workshops, exercise classes, free consultation with our Nutritionist and experiencing a true Sabbath day of rest.  Whole food, plant-based meals; organic, cold-pressed juices; daily nature walks and morning and evening devotional discussions will be apart of every retreat.  Note: 7 day retreats will also include a 2 day vegetable juice fast.

What guests can expect from Energy Restored Lifestyle Retreats:

All Energy Restored retreats provide our guests with guided journeys to optimize relaxation and health:
• Two, organic, whole food, plant-based meals per day, fresh, organic cold-pressed juices and herbal teas will provide the nutritional foundation to optimize health. Specific menus are customized to the focus of each retreat.
• Pure, natural drinking water also used for its cleansing and restorative properties.
• Daily exercise and nature walks to stimulate the body’s muscles, organs and systems while taking in the fresh country sunshine and air.
• Early to bed and early to rise provides necessary rest to replenish and restore the body’s energy and vitality.

Also included:
• Natural remedy workshops that are interactive and useful for everyday living.  As well as ones that target health issues.

• Cooking food demos with takeaway recipes

• Morning and evening devotionals and the experience of a Sabbath rest.

• Therapeutic use of the sauna, hot tubs, hot and cold plunges (optional)

OPTIONAL: We recommend unplugging from the world during the retreat. You may want to reduce your cell phone use or eliminate it entirely and if you choose that option an emergency number will be provided for your family members as a way to contact you.


About The Venue:

Experience the legacy that spans generations as you become a part of the storied tradition of Windermere House, an iconic destination nestled in the heart of Muskoka for nearly 150 years. The unparalleled nostalgic allure of Windermere House sets it apart in the region, offering breathtaking vistas of Lake Rosseau, artisanal culinary delights, and an invigorating ambiance that beckons both seasoned hotel patrons and local cottagers, earning it the affectionate moniker, the “Lady of the Lake.”

Check in Check Out time

All programs will begin at 10:00 am on the first day and end at 10:00 am following breakfast of the final day of the program.

Cancellation Policy

We realize that the unexpected happens and can impact the best laid plans. Cancellation will be accepted up to 2 weeks prior to the program start date. Options are to immediately reschedule your booking free of charge or a receive store credit for your non-refundable deposit and/or program fee for use on future programs.