Yup, those annoying weeds that grow all over your lawn every spring…your liver loves them. However, I wouldn’t go foraging through your lawn to make a salad because those are most likely contaminated. However, grown properly, dandelion leaves (not the flower) have a powerful way to help the liver with its detox function. Juiced, they are very bitter, but also extremely healing. You can also get dandelion in the form of capsules or herbal tea, which would be best consumed on an empty stomach.
  2. BEETS
    The truth is, that almost all vegetables are really good for the liver. However, beets do stand out. Beets naturally activate liver enzymes and also help to increase bile levels. In turn, that helps the liver with its detox functions. It’s also no secret that beetroot juice resembles the colour of blood. Its makeup is very similar, lending us its properties to keep our blood strengthened. Since the liver’s primary function is to keep our blood filtered, strong healthy blood gives the liver a helping hand with its detox process. Cooked beets are great, but organic juices mixed with beets have a potent, positive effect on the liver.
  3. FIBRE
    When we think of fibre, we think of bowels, but here’s the thing: When the liver has gone through its 2 phases of taking our toxins and reducing them to particles that can safely leave the bloodstream (thanks to your beets and greens), but it still needs a helping hand to get these toxins out. Healthy fibre, mostly found in salad veggies and fruits, are very sticky, When they pass through the colon, there is a portal (coming from the liver) that the toxins travel through towards the intestinal tract. If we have enough fibre in our diet, the fibre sticks to the toxins and they get expelled from our system. It’s an AMAZING process! However, if we don’t have enough fibre in our diet, guess where those toxins go? Yup, back into the bloodstream, feeding disease and wreaking havoc on healthy blood cells. The fibre found in cereals and bread does not do this job very well. You need your fruits and veggies!

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