Our liver is one of the most complex organs in the body, filtering toxins from the blood, aiding digestion, helping to regulate and produce cholesterol, regulating blood sugar, and balancing hormones… and this is just the beginning. When alcohol is metabolized by the liver, it actually poisons the liver. Each time your liver filters alcohol, liver cells actually die. They are poisoned to death. Yes, cells can be reborn, but it’s quite the process. Studies have shown that even an ounce of alcohol a week sets the liver back in its detoxification process.
  2. DRUGS (of all kinds) AND SUPPLEMENTS TOO!
    Now you may be thinking, I don’t do drugs, but I have to tell you that in my opinion, our pharmaceutical companies are the biggest drug dealers of our time. Yes, street drugs are absolutely detrimental to the liver, but even our medication and believe it or not, supplements are hard on the liver. All of our meds and supplements are processed and come with a lot of waste by-products that the liver has to work so hard at filtering out. That means less time to do its other jobs of keeping your blood clean, helping with digestion and regulating your hormones. If you are on medication for issues you were not born with, it may be possible that with a change of lifestyle, we can help you reduce your medication intake. Also, beware of over-supplementing. Nothing is as natural as eating pure herbs, but once it’s in a capsule, it’s processed and too many supplements create a toxic effect for the liver. Talk to our nutritionist to learn more.
    Well, this one will be short when you understand that vinegar is just fermented wine. Yes, all kinds of vinegar, including Apple Cider is just alcohol in disguise. So just go back and read #1 and replace the word “alcohol” with vinegar and you will quickly see the detriment it causes.
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