How do we get rid of allergies?

Allergies are tricky. There are some people who are born with certain allergies, some who develop them later on. Some people react to food, others to the environment. Others break out in hives or get itchy eyes. As a nutritionist, I must say that allergies can be tougher for me to help people tackle than a cancer tumor, but there’s hope. Today we will take a look at managing,


1. IT STARTS IN THE GUT: Most people with environmental allergies generally have some type tummy trouble.
This could be an imbalance of digestive acids, not enough probiotics, and possibly a leaky gut system. If you can start work on improving your gut health you may find your allergies start to diminish thereafter.

A few simple changes to begin with are
1) Stop snacking. Snacking interrupts digestion and can frequently cause tummy trouble.
2) Regulate mealtime. Make breakfast and lunch your larger meals of the day. Keep dinner light and finish eating minimally 4 hours before bedtime to allow your stomach to rest while you sleep.
3) Probiotics. You may also need a probiotic or possibly another supplement if a leaky gut is the issue. If you need a detailed assessment, our Nutritionist would be happy to meet with you and help you on the road to healing.

2. IMMUNITY: If you have a strong immune system, you should generally be able to handle most ‘intruders’ like pollen, ragweed, or other environmental irritants with ease. By strengthening your immune system you can help your body react better to these types of irritants and intruders.
1) Sleep. Sleeping for 7-9 hours by or before 10 p.m. is important to maintain strong immunity.
2) Sugar. Sugar depletes the immune system by 25% for 1-5 hours after consumption so stay clear of any refined sugar. Garlic and Vitamin C are two great ways to increase and strengthen the activity of your white blood cells. Try taking daily when the body begins to show signs of outdoor allergies. You can also stop in for our Camu Camu or Immunity shots, which are sure to give you some relief.

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