Allergy sign on white bread rolls, allergic gluten intolerance and diet concept


This can become very daunting in life, especially at social gatherings or eating out anywhere that’s not your own kitchen.
If your allergies have come on later in life, it’s very possible that it could have occurred for a number of reasons:

1. High emotional stress:
When we go through constant high-stress periods, our immune system becomes suppressed, cortisol is high and we can create an environment where the body loses its ability to digest certain foods properly and the immune system mistakes them as ‘invaders’.
In this situation, by healing the stomach and gut and strengthening your immune system, you should be able to eventually re-introduce once-loved foods back into your diet.

2. Leaky Gut Syndrome:
We have probably all heard about this before, but what is it really?
Our intestinal tract is lined with small perforated molecular ‘holes’. When food is properly digested, it’s broken down into a molecular state that can pass through the intestinal wall and be carried by the bloodstream to its proper destination.
It’s important to understand that only food “molecules’ should ever pass through the intestinal wall. When we eat a lot of wheat, or other Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) or have a lot of stress, these stress chemicals and modified food chemicals make larger holes in our intestinal tract allowing actual food particles to pass into the bloodstream. The immune system sees this as an ‘invader’ and creates a defense response every time you consume that food item or something similar.

If this sounds like something you are experiencing, there are ways to fix it. Don’t suffer alone, book your consultation with our in-house Nutritionist today.

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