It’s definitely getting c-c-cold outside.  It can be hard to adjust to the colder temperatures, but winter isn’t going anywhere for a few months, so let us help you get adjusted:

1.  WEAR LAYERS:  Wear your clothes in layers.  A tank top or t-shirt under your regular shirt, a thin long sleeve under your sweater.   These layers trap in the heat between the garments helping you to stay warm.

2. GET OUTSIDE!:  Yes, you heard me right.  Stop hiding indoors, get yourself a hat, gloves, scarf, good boots, and a warm jacket, and head outside.  It has been said before that “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”.  Once you get moving, the cool weather is refreshing, and really, the snow on the ground is so beautiful.  Fresh air clears the mind, purifies the blood, improves digestion, and keeps your respiratory system clean among many other health benefits.

3. WEAR YOUR BOOTS & HAT: Even if there’s no snow.  Boots keep the feet warm, and when the cold hits between the “shoe and the pants” everything feels cold. Boots keep the feet, ankles, and part of the leg warm. Cold extremities can mean a cold body.  Did you know that 10% of our body heat can be lost through our head, so keep your noggin covered!. When the top and bottom are toasty, the rest of the system tends to be also.

4. WARM UP YOUR WATER:  Water is so important to keep the blood flowing, impurities out, and bowels moving, so no matter the season you want to stay hydrated.  Instead of cold or room temperature water, try drinking warm water between your meals.  Really hot things can be ‘scarring’ to the esophagus, so you don’t want hot boiling water, but warm water is so wonderful.  When the tummy is warm, the blood system is happy and your temperature stays regulated.  

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