Below is the general structure of a day enjoyed during
a 3-night and or 7-night retreat sessions

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May 11-14
June 1- 4
November 9-12


May 21-28

June 18-25

August 20-27

SEPT 17-24

OCT 22-29

3-Night Relaxation Retreats

Designed to help unwind and disconnect from the stresses of the world while allowing your body to heal and begin a detoxification processes. Our relaxation retreats provide a calming, health-inspired environment designed to help our guests achieve optimal restorative results.
All programs include:
Hydrating facial masks and exfoliation; hydrotherapy; relaxation massage; art-therapy; cooking demonstrations; nutrition talks; experiencing a true Sabbath day of rest; whole food, plant-based meals; organic, cold-pressed juices; daily nature walks and morning and evening devotional discussions.

7-night Restorative Lifestyle Retreats

Tailored to target specific lifestyle health issues, each program provides our guests with a supportive, relaxed, educational experience to learn and apply well-proven lifestyle protocols to better manage and treat illness. Our guests will go home energized and restored with a tailored booklet of recipes and remedies to help them maintain what they learned beyond the doors of our centre.
All programs include:
Full natural health assessment and evaluation; hydrotherapy; relaxation massage; nutrition talks; cooking classes, natural remedy presentations; cooking demos; whole food, plant-based meals; organic, cold-pressed juices; daily nature walks and stretching; morning and evening devotional discussions; experiencing a true Sabbath day of rest; supportive group discussions; art therapy; exfoliation; facial masks and more.

Cancellation Policy

We realize that the unexpected happens and can impact the best laid plans. Cancellation will be accepted up to 2 weeks prior to the program start date. Options are to immediately reschedule your booking free of charge or a receive store credit for your non-refundable deposit and/or program fee for use on future programs.

Check in Check Out time

All programs will begin at 10:00 am on the first day and end at 10:00 am following breakfast of the final day of the program.

Energy Restored Retreats Location

The Richview Manor is located in Hastings County, just minutes north of Bellville, Ontario and approximately 2 hours east of Toronto. It is nestled amongst 96 acres of rolling greens, hayfields and wooded areas inviting rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. The manor has 5 well-appointed bedrooms offering comfortable shared accommodations sleeping up to 21 persons. 5 luxurious washrooms, cozy common areas, fireplace, spacious dining areas, all with plenty of windows providing a 360 view of this property’s beautiful natural serenity.

What guests can expect from Energy Restored Lifestyle Retreats

All Energy Restored retreats provide our guests with guided journeys to optimize relaxation and health:
• Two, organic, whole food, plant-based meals per day, fresh, organic cold-pressed juices and herbal teas will provide the nutritional foundation to optimize health. Specific menus are customized to the focus of each retreat.
• Pure, natural drinking water also used for its cleansing and restorative properties.
• Daily exercise and nature walks to stimulate the body’s muscles, organs and systems while taking in the fresh country sunshine and air.
• Early to bed and early to rise provides necessary rest to replenish and restore the body’s energy and vitality.
• Unplugging from the world; all retreats begin with a technology and media surrender* with devices being safely stored and returned on the final day of each program.
• Natural remedies and applications meant to heal and revitalize
• A belief and trust in God in the midst of His beautiful creation
• Healing therapies, such as clay mask, hydro-therapy, exfoliation, relaxation massage and arty therapy will be part of the relaxing, calming and healing experience.
*An emergency phone line will be available to patrons and their families for emergency calls anytime during the retreat.


377 Bethel Road Bellville, ON, K0K3N0