Customized Detox Programs



Generally, 1-week notice is required for all Customized Detoxes

If you are picking up, pick is any time from open to close the day before you begin your fast.  Delivery is any time from 11-7pm.

A 5-day detox requires 2 pick-ups or deliveries, if you choose delivery, you would need to e-transfer $10 for the 2nd set.

Please note:  Our juices are made fresh, not pasteurized, they need to be consumed within a maximum of 5 days of receiving your detox.

NOTE: It’s always best to consult with your physician before beginning any fasting program

New At This: $69 – 2 days

  • First time doing a detox? Get your feet a little wet with our beginner’s detox. Our most easy-to-drink juices to start your day and our tasty smoothies will bring your day to a finish. It’s not a strong detox, but definitely a good start.
  • Day 1 Includes:  Rehydrate, Lemon-Aids, 1 x Fruit Smoothie
  • Day 2 Includes:  Phyto Repair, Purify, 1 x Green smoothie

Smooth-Move: $99 – 2 days

  • Feeling backed up? Take a break from your schedule and add this fibre-rich routine into your week.  It is sure to help you naturally eliminate your back up.
  • Includes Senna Tea & Colon Cleanse Herbs
  • Day 1 Includes:  Iron Rich Juice, Lg Aloha Omega, Garden Salad, Lg 20/20
  • Day 2 Includes:  Reboot Juice, Lg Omega Power, Garden Salad, Lg Iron Blast

Immune Strong: $142 – 3 days; $227 – 5 days

  • Is your Immune system feeling a little weak? Fighting a virus but not feeling much like eating? This detox gives your immune system a real boost and your digestive system a good break.
  • Includes Camu Camu&  Natural Penicillin Shots with healing teas
  • Juices Included on Day 1-3:  Lemon-Aids, Phyto Repair, Blood Builder, System Detox, Power-House, Reboot
  • Juices included on Day 4 & 5:  Green-Calms, iron Rich, Purify, Lemon-Aids

Advanced Fast: No Carrots, lots of Greens $122 – 3 days; $202 – 5 days

  • Give your system a super cleanup with our carrot-free lineup of juices that really get deep into your cells. Lots of detoxification will go on during this detox with our powerful shots and low-calorie juices.
  • Includes:  1 x wheatgrass shot per day + Camu Camu shots
  • Juices Included on Day 1-5:  All Greens, Greens Refresh, Purify, Lemon-Aids, Green Calms, Reboot

Cardio-Help: $132 – 3 days; $202 – 5 days

  • For those struggling with high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure or most any other cardio issue, this detox is for you.
  • Includes:  High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol Reducing Drink & Wheat Grass shots
  • Juices Included on Day 1-3:  System Detox, Rehydrate, Blood Builder, Iron Rich, All Greens, Purify
  • Juices Included on Day 4 & 5:  All Greens, Lemon-Aids, Celery-Beet Juice, Awaken

Anti-Inflame: $132 – 3 days; $207 – 5 days

  • Customized to help reduce joint and body pain.  It also helps with Eczema or Psoriasis.  It nourishes cells and brings life to dehydrated ones..
  • Includes Turmeric Tonic & Anti-Inflammatory Tea
  • Juices included on Day 1-3: Rehydrate, System Detox, Green Calms, Iron Rich, Blood Builder, Phyco-repairs
  • Juices included on Day 4 & 5: Lemon-Aids, All Green, Awaken, System Detox

Stomach-Ease: $132 – 3 days

  • Specifically designed for those suffering from acid reflux, or other GI tract issues like stomach ulcers, colitis, diverticulitis, and those with IBS.
  • Includes: 16oz Aloe Juice and Herbal blend for digestion
  • Juices Include:  Rehydrate, All Green, Blood Builder, Phyco-Repair, Awaken, Purify

Thyroid Help: $127 – 3 days

  • Customized juices for those with hypothyroidism. All leafy greens will be replaced with Organic Romaine and other greens like spirulina will be included to help keep your iron levels steady.
  • Includes Replenish Tea
  • Juices Included:  Rehydrate, Light System Detox, Phyco-Repair, Reboot, Light Blood Builder, Lemon-Aids

Liver Cleanse: $132 – 3 day; $207 – 5 day

  • A great detox for those that have a fatty liver or a history of toxic build-up from tobacco, alcohol, poor eating or high stress.
  • Includes Liver Healing Tea  3 x Wheat Grass Shots
  • Juices on day 1-3 include Power House, System Detox, Blood Builder, Iron Rich, All Green, Purify
  • Juices Day 4,5 include: Green Calms, Reboot, Lemon-Aids, Awaken

Low Potassium: $122 – 3 days

  • The perfect detox for those that are on a low potassium diet or have a compromised kidney function
  • Includes Kidney Help herbal tea
  • Juices Included:  Awaken, Lemon-Aids, Phyco-Repair, Blood builder, Greens Refresh, Reboot

Go Deep: $142 – 3 days; $216 – 5 days

  • Help to strengthen your blood with this customized detox. Cancer fighters or those struggling with chronic allergies or a weak immune system would benefit from this detox.
  • Includes Liver Cleansing Tea, 2 x Camu Camu shots, 3 x Wheat Grass Shots
  • Juices Included on day 1-3:  Power House, System Detox , All Green, Blood Builder, Green Calms, Iron Rich Day
  • Juices Included on day 4 & 5 Awaken, Lemon-Aids, Phyco-Repair, Reboot.


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