Fabulous Guilt-Free Salad Dressings


These are not your average dressings.  Made with hand pressed lemons. extra virgin olive oil and only natural sweeteners.  They are so good and so good for you, so you can go ahead and drown your salad in these dressings… guilt free!

ITALIAN – Lemon Juice, EVOO, Herbs, Agave, Himalayan Sea salt

CASHEW CAESAR – Organic Cashews, Lemon Juice, EVOO, Garlic, Agave, Himalayan Sea salt

HONEY MUSTARD – Lemon Juice, EVOO,  Agave, Raw Honey, Dry Mustard, Himalayan Sea salt

Cashew Ceasar

Curry Dressing

Greek Dressing

Honey Mustard


Peanut Sauce

Sesame Lime Dressing

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      Cashew Ceasar, Greek Dressing, Italian


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