Lunch Specials


MEDITERRANEAN MONDAYS & ZUGETTI & BEET BALLS  (Bed of Romaine & Arugula with Grilled Veggies, Baked Felafel, Tomatoes, Olives, Tahini & Italian dressing, Zahtar) OR (Spiralized Zucchini with grilled veggies, covered in Marinara sauce and our most delicious Beet Balls (walnuts, almonds, black beans, beets) served with GF Roasted Garlic Toast)

NACHO CHILI HAYSTACKS (Tuesday & Thursday) (Bed of Lettuce, Plant-based Chili,

50 Cents each topping:

Cashew Nacho Cheese
Tofu Sour Cream
House-made Salsa
Served with Non-GMO Organic Tortilla Chips

WARM EDAMAME BOWL (Wednesday’s) (Brown Rice, Shredded Asian-Lime dressed Coleslaw, Non-GMO Edamame, Cilantro, Onion, Cashews.  Served with Peanut Sauce)

CURRIED SPICED BOWL (Friday) (Millet, Lettuce, Curried-Coleslaw, Roasted Cauliflower & Sweet Potatoes, Roasted Seasoned Chickpeas, Pumpkin Seeds. Served with Curried dressing & Mango Chutney)

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