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Helps to reduce inflammation, reduce joint pain & headaches.  Also helpful for circulation issues.

*Note, this tonic is by no means a replacement for healthy eating.  When you eat along the lines of health (NEW START) and eliminate foods that create inflammation (meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine) you can also help to reduce joint pain.  This tonic is an added help to supplement wise food choices. 

Organic Beets, Garlic, Moringa, Caylon, Hibiscus, Hawthorn
Helps to bring your blood pressure down and dilate your blood vessels while giving your liver a little boost in it’s detox process:

Organic Ginger, Lemon, Camu Camu, Raw Honey
A great way to support your immune system at the first sign of a cold.  Helps to ward of viruses and recover from a common cold.


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    Blood Drop, Immunity, Turmeric


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